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Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant in Jimbaran Has Opened
JIMBARAN – Even though they are still in a pandemic situation19, a number of share holders of Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant are still determined to open and operate a restaurant located on Jl. Ngurah Rai Jimbaran By Pass. The share holders are I Gede Wahyu Rismawan, Wayan Suardana, Nyoman Muliastika, Agus Gde Mahendra, I Wayan Sudartha and I Gede Cipta Suditya.
According to Gede Wahyu Rismawan, Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant is officially operating now after a mlaspas ceremony was held on November 15, 2020. The preparation for the operation of this restaurant is quite smooth because the share holders have a strong commitment to the success of this restaurant which is located in the heart of Jimbaran.
Wahyu, who previously was a hotel worker, experienced that in the conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic, which was very massive, it resulted in a collapse in the hospitality world with a very real effect.
“To keep working, finally I and other share holders decided to open a business at Sankyoudai sushi to be able to channel our knowledge and help accommodate the workforce and of course still be guided by maintaining the name of Bali as one of the best tourist destinations in the world,” said Wahyu. on behalf of the share holders.

The interior of Sankyoudai Sushi is quite unique, elegant and gives a special impression to millennials. According to Wahyu, Sankyoudai Sushi was designed as a Fusion Japanese Restaurant with a millennial concept. Do not forget to also offer Japanese food with Balinese culture and a touch of Indonesia. Even in the future, Sankyoudai Sushi is expected to be one of the best Fusion Japanese Restaurant. It is also a trend setting lifestyle in Fusion Japanese Restaurant, that eating sushi doesn’t have to be expensive. And it is at Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant.
Don’t worry about the menu, it’s guaranteed to arouse your appetite. “For the menu, we use premium ingredients to maintain quality and be able to compete in the market while maintaining competitive prices and being accepted by the market, especially millennials,” said Wahyu.
The menu itself is packaged to be more interesting and instagramable. There are even smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms which are arranged with different concepts. The smoking room in the concept of a Japanese touch feels thicker both in the interior and in supporting music. For millennials, a smoking room or outdoor is prepared where the concept is more contemporary and still puts forward the natural nuances of the material selection.
There is also an option for customers to enjoy sushi for only Rp. 5,000 – 10,000 in pieces per pieces. Even the menu will always be improved so that it can be accepted by all groups.
Regarding capacity, this restaurant has a capacity of around 60 pax where for indoor or non-smoking rooms it can accommodate 25 pax and 35 pax for outdoor itself.



Wayan Sudarsana

Wayan had a lot of experience Japanese cuisine. Meet our chef only at Sankyoudai Sushi

Wahyu Rismawan

Many years in hospitality industry and now challenge his self to run Sankyoudai Sushi


Nyoman Muliastika

Nyoman had a restaurant and home stay in Lembongan and now start the business in Sankyoudai Sushi

Share Holder


I Wayan Sudartha

Many years in business property and now start the business in Sankyoudai Sushi

Agus Gde Mahendra

Manage and owning one of the restaurant in Kedonganan and now start new business at Sankyoudai Sushi


I Gede Cipta Suditya

Expert in finance and now start the business at Sankyoudai Sushi


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